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Dear Friends,

I have received such lovely versions of artistic collaboration with my poem, In the Time of Pandemic, and wanted to share some of this remarkable creativity and artistry with you. I so love the way artists have been inspired to augment and enhance my words with their creativity, and all for the good of us all.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

  1. This is the amazing work of the musical improvisation group, Epiphany, from the UK:


2. This is the gifted work of a young man in Italy, Joe Natta:


3. And here is a link to a beautiful reading by my friend, Prakath P. Gopinath, from Trivandrum, India, who also known as Trivandrum’s Bicycle Mayor.


4. And here is one by Bo Lundvang, in Sweden, with exquisite music by Philip Daniel Zach:


5. Here is a version from Amos Bracewell:


6. And this lovely video was created by Kes Cardoso, and is remarkable in its simplicity and beauty:


7. Here is a lovely version, composed and beautifully sung by Katie Smith:


8. This version is from Vlad Panov. He and his friend, Matt Adshead create music together. Vlad sings and plays all the instruments on this song:

9. Jane Foote is an RN at the Mayo Clinic. This is her Soundcloud version of the song she composed using my poem as inspiration. She has another version at CDBaby…any money earned will go to buy masks for healthcare workers and/or be donated to the Red Cross.


10.  Peter Mostert is a senior film editor who worked beautifully with pacing on this filmed version of the poem. I especially like the fast cuts showing the great suffering we have caused our earth and leading to the glorious shots of her possible healing.

I’m happy for him that this gave his amazing creativity an outlet…I really do try to encourage people who come to me for that, but it’s been tricky, as many haven’t asked first, and then want to enter joint copyrights and etc., which isn’t possible…but here’s Peter’s work. He did ask, and isn’t looking to make money…just art.


11. Voleo, a musical group in Barcelona, featuring this very talented couple, Neus and Jose, composed this song version. I LOVE the hope and joy that sings out from their music!


12. An extremely talented composer and pianist, Peta Williams, from the gorgeous Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia, composed this piece, using the poem…all the musicians were in isolation, so the creation of anything using technology like that both befuddles and amazes me. Just listen to this; I bet you’ll play it more than once. I love how Peta emphasizes that she created this wonder out of, and for, love. Artists like Peta are such a gift to us all, and to our healing.


13. The poem has been translated into so many languages, and I love when these are shared. Joana shared this with me, in Lithuanian, using a photo that reminds her of her grandparents’ home:


14. An astonishing choral interpretation of “In the Time of the Pandemic,” by British composer Clive Whitburn, and sung by The New Network Singers Virtual Choir. Ray Burnside and Stephanie Grainger created the artwork and video. All are in East Sussex, UK. The score for choirs is available for free on Clive’s website:

Many people have taken the time and effort to translate the poem into their own beautiful languages, and I am so grateful for that. Forgive me if I have neglected to share a creative endeavor that was offered to me; please share it in the comments!

I thank everyone who has shared their art with me and others; it is so wonderful that we can meet and co-create, and support, and heal each other all the way through this…and by “this,” I mean our lives. Bless you all. Stay safe, be well, and gentle peace.

Joy to you, gratitude, and great, great love.

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